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Whatever November – Behind these concrete walls

The official music video for Whatever November – Behind These Concrete Walls.

Produced by: Frontside productions / Bröderna Blom
Directed by: Robert F. Blom
Assistant director: Richard Blom
Director of photography: Marcus CF. Tinnerholm
Project management: Rob F. Blom, Richard Blom, Marcus CF Tinnerholm
Assistant camera: Claudio Carvajal
Editing and post production: Marcus CF. Tinnerholm
Additional post production: Rob F. Blom
Make up artist: Shaheen Alibhai
Still photography: Caroline Kullman
Documentary camera: Vanya Olsson
Production assistant: Christian Mäenpää

Whatever November
Vocals & Guitar: Joacim Andersson
Guitar: Erik Grenabo
Bass: Joakim “Dave” Davidsson
Drums: Simon Larsson

Client / Label:
Meinen Records


Copyright © 2010. All rights reserved.


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