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Magnum Opus – Creating the vehicle for Mad Max

Most game developers never get to touch anything they create. Their work is forever locked behind glass screens. So when the centerpiece of the upcoming Mad Max game – a unique car called the Magnum Opus – would be re-created in real life, it was an overwhelming experience for the team at Avalanche Studios.

In this short documentary, we get to follow Lead Artist Daniel Persson, the original designer of the Magnum Opus, and Odd Ahlgren, Director of Narrative Content, as they witness their work come to life. Odd even travels to Wasteland Weekend, the celebration of all things post-apocalyptic, to realize a life-long dream.

Directed and Edited by Rob F. Blom
Project Management Thomas Wiborgh
Cinematography by Rob F. Blom
West Coast Customs Footage by K.O.C. Productions LLC
Additional Footage Richard Blom, Christer Engström
Music by Extreme Music

Client / Label:
Avalanche Studios / Warner Bros.


Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved.


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